Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Dream

Welcome to our blog about our attempt to fulfill our dream of visiting all thirty Major League Baseball parks in the United States (and that Canadian one).  This blog will follow our journey as we continue our travels; as we have already been to a few of the stadiums.  Not only will we record our adventures but we will also be giving helpful hints along the way to fellow ballpark goers.  No two ballparks are the same and all have their good and their bad that we explore and critique.
Our names are Daniel and Stephanie Fessler and we are from Northern Kentucky and will be married for two years in August.  Our dream began to unfold on our honeymoon.  Daniel is a huge Atlanta Braves fan (Stephanie is a Cincinnati Reds fan) so Stephanie, being a wonderful new wife, bought Daniel tickets to a Braves game for their honeymoon. We had such a great time and love baseball so much that we decided we should make it a goal to travel to all of the MLB ballparks.
We will be posting about the ballparks that we have already had the chance to experience since we began this adventure.  Also we will be posting about future experiences as well as helpful hints.  Please comment!

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  1. I knew the two of you have traveled to many parks but I didn't know you had a blog up about it! Very cool!